Interview with Ascension (GE)

Some of us know nowadays scene is a swarm of good and bad bands,with sometimes bumping up with a band that just simply blows you away the 1st time you listen to it.

Ascension is one of those band who can pull that of,with keeping you in their grasp 'til the last song,which is really rare these days in my opinion.

Hell ! Thank you for doing this interview with us.Ascension was formed back in 2007.How was the band put together,and knew the members were the right ones for the right job?Or did you know each other already from other bands/projects?

Hail Lucifer! Our band started as a project of 2 persons. It soon became evident that we would need more members in order to fulfill our mission. So we started looking for them and set the ground for what is todays Ascension. All of them were unknown to me but you simply feel it when someone is the right person.

S.- The "With Burning Tongues" demo is in my opinion one of the most creative and intense music within the black metal genre ever created. I'm very curious concerning the musical aspects within Ascension. Can you tell me something about your writing process?

We compose all our songs in our rehearsal room. There is where energies collide and are set free. We work on every aspect of a song as long as it takes and until everyone is satisfied. There is more to it of course but that is nothing for the outside.

S.- Ascension has released quite a lot of material the past 2 years.. What is your inspiration to write music in such quantity?

Hmmh, i would not call 15 songs in 3 years a huge amount. What we do is to 100% connected to our inspiration which comes and goes and we take it very seriousely. I guess you know “what” it is...

From the 1st demo on the production has been overwhelming good.With this
i can assume we are talking to some really highly professional musicians here,who know what they want.Are there any goals to be reached with Ascension?Besides writing great music?

We know what we want, that is true. We were always looking for a production that fits the several aspects that we want to express with an album etc. I think, however, that our musical skills or better, the ability to write good music are just at the beginning

Our goal is to get closer to our inspiration with every song and try to express it as unaltered as possible. The purer we get as individuals, the purer our art will become.

S.- The sound on both demo and full-length is raw and heavy, on the other side clear and transparant... It isn't typical black metal.. Can you tell me what bands/acts had a big influence on Ascension's sound?

I am not sure what you mean by “typical Black Metal”. After all it is an artform that had very different, though equally worth, interpretations over the decades.

When it comes to Ascension´s sound i find it hard to reduce it to influences because when we enter a studio we want a production that fits the songs perfectly. It´s not like we say we want to sound like this or that. The actual songs have to feel right. And i believe that with changing songs the production would of course also change

Although we listen to very different kinds of music i think it´s fair to say that we are very much influenced by the scandinavian Black Metal sound from the late 80´s and early 90´s

S.- The lyrics seems to be dealing with honour, pride and strength (fire) in life
and to search for salvation towards death and afterwards.. Is Ascension a Satanic influenced band?

Yes, we are.

As stated in many interviews before: We see Ascension as an entity in which

individuality is important to the inside, not to the outside. The listeners shall
concentrate on what Ascension breathes and spits out: Music, lyrics, artwork.

S.- What can we expect from Ascension in the future? Are you gonna change your typical style of music (new elements for example?).. It seems that Ascension has found it's ultimate style already in my opinion..

It´s nothing i can say right now. I am still too much involved in the debut album to think of new stuff. There will be changes for sure, that lies in the nature of our band.But which i cannot say.

I´ve seen facebook accounts from bands where i know that they have none officially. It´s pointless to fight against it though.
On the Metal Archives profile under bandmember section it's stated you want to stay unknown,any particular reason for this?

Well, the reason why it is standing on that site is because someone put it there. Not us.

It´s a general phenomenon that people who can´t do something on their own suddenly appear as band spokesman in order to feel at least a bit interesting. In most cases people do not realize that it is not the bands that do these sites.

S.- The members of Ascension are unknown for most people.. Are there any live shows planned for the future or is this band just a studio-project?

We will play live. The first confirmed date is the Hell´s Pleasure Metal Fest in Pößneck/Germany on 22nd & 23rd of July together with great acts like Saturnalia Temple and Root.


There's also another Ascension being active and also coming from Germany.Aren't you afraid it will cause confusion?Or did it had a particular reason picking this name?And who's responsible for the logo?

I don´t care if there are other bands with the same name for indeed we had a
particular reason for this choice. It´s more important to me that i can relate to a band
name as part of a concept than choosing a name that has never been used before.

Ascension means spiritual pursuit and strife and is the logical conclusion of our
thoughts on life. Both, the will to achieve, to overcome, to develope and the unearthly,metaphysical aspects of the word are inherent to our concept and made this bandname the perfect choice.

The logo on the demo was drawn by my brother. The new logo that appears on the 12“
Ep and the debut album as well as the whole artwork for both releases was done by Metastazis (

Right now your releases are being brought out through World Terror
Committee.An upcoming promising label i must say.Satisfied about their work for Ascension so far?And will future releases also be brought out through them?

Yes, we are very satisfied with the label. W.T.C. shall be our main priority for the future.

WTC brought out the demo on professional cd a while ago,as also released the 3 track ep 'Fire and Faith'.1 track which would also appear on the debut but in a different version,and 2 exclusive tracks.Why this choice?

We just felt the urge to do it. The single was meant as a foreboding of the things to come at Christ´s Mass. “Fire and Faith” is a song that represents the album quite well and the other two songs were written and recorded just for this release. If you own this single you have a 12” vinyl with three exclusive songs that will never appear on any other release. We wanted to give something special to those devoted to our art. The vinyl is nearly sold out right now so we currently discuss a second edition.

'Fire And Faith'ep

Consolamentum has been released at end of 2010.Was it recorded in the same studio as pre releases?And how are the responses so far?

Yes, it was. Reactions so far have been very, very good. What i like is that people seem to either love or hate the album. That is something that satisfies me.

Debut full-length 'Consolamentum' 2010

Who is responsible for the artwork for the releases,and does it resemble the personification of the word  Ascension wants to spread?

As stated earlier, the layout for the single and the album was done by Metastazis. The demo layout was done by a good friend of us. We are very satisfied with the artwork we had so far. If it would not fit our ideas we of course would not have used it. 

Can we expect a bandsite in the near future? 

We have the myspace site:
There may be different forms of promotion in the future but for now it is sufficient.

Thy final words...

Thank you for the interview. Hail Lucifer!

Ascension Official Myspace ;

Label :World Terror Committee

Official merchandise
Ascension @Ajna Offensive
With Burning Tongues @ W.T.C. Productions

( Credits:This interview was done by me and a friend,namely Mr.Sjoerd.M.(Also known as the ex-drummer for Fluisterwoud and Caedere)Due both of our high interest in Ascension.The questions marked with 'S' were done by him. )

Unofficial Video: Ascension-With Burning Tongues